My name is Dale Nielsen, a native of Portland, and a longtime enthusiast & cruiser. Boating is a passion of mine. I have both been a shopper & a seller for boats, and can relate from both sides. Yachts & RVs are a huge commitment for buyers, and not something to be entered into casually. It's a big investment, therefore the buying process is all about what the customer needs & wants. I will offer a competitive edge with a touch of empathy, sincere listening, and honesty. It's a win-win situation because excellent sales and networking skills means the reputation of Pop Yachts is held in high regard, with prospective buyers passing information along to others, and often return as repeat customers.

I recently returned to the workforce as a Sales Rep for Pop Yachts, and something very interesting has come to my attention of late - the world as we know it is not quite what it was, both politically, financially, economically & health wise. Why sit in traffic when you could sit at the helm of your own sailboat, being the master of your own destiny! Feel the freedom of the ocean as you navigate new shores - whether it be the sultry warmth of the Caribbean, or the crisp freshness of Alaska. The state of today's mad race has seen an influx of many wishing to "get away from it all" and to live simply & off the grid so to speak. Many have taken on the boating & RV lifestyle so they could feel the freedom & not be so constricted by societal pressures. Boating & RVing folks know how to get away, and most have a pretty good sense of where they wish to go, and how to get there. For the lucky sailors who already own an ocean going sailboat, they can escape on it when the everyday grind & stress gets just a bit too much, and I am pretty sure that in the very near future, a much higher number of people will take to cruising and RVing if for no better reason than to distance themselves from the madness and deliberately stressful economics of life.

These lucky people own boats & RVs that could best be described as "getaway pods." Blue water sailboats & RVs can offer the a safety net for sailors and adventurers who realize that until things settle down economically & politically at home, or if things get a tad unpleasant elsewhere, that their getaway pods can carry them far away to the safety of distant shores.

It's an awesome, wonderful world out there. If you avoid the major sailing hubs and big busy ports, and instead venture off the beaten track to smaller places like the Marquesas, Cook Islands or the more remote islands of Tokelau, Samoa, Tonga or Fiji, where you'll find people still living subsistence & sustainable in the most natural environments. The same holds true for almost any small country or remote island anywhere. Most likely you'll find cultures with rational beliefs & ideals, goodwill and caring for one another as the cornerstones of their societies.

What better time to go ocean cruising than right now? With the current state of world issues, we will be seeing a huge demand for 'sailors & RVers' in their own getaway pod sailboats & RVs setting out on the world's oceans and highways, and exploring to find a new beginning in places not yet affected by stress & everyday city grind & madness.

If you are fed up with the stress, traffic, city life madness, and are lucky enough, or clever enough, to know how to sail - or are at least willing to learn - then maybe you should consider taking on the carefree lifestyle of the open ocean or cruising sailor. We are not total ghosts. We pay our taxes on income earned, and keep in contact with family and friends, and occasionally fly home to visit. We are no longer suburban slaves in debt to society from everything possible - taxed, regulated, constricted, over charged from electricity to water (free of charge from the sun, wind & rain). We are free to go wherever we wish, no longer prisoners of society. We are free to soar.

Come find yourself a getaway pod at Pop Yachts, and escape to the freedom of the ocean and see where the winds will guide you....
Title: Regional Sales Associate
Hometown: Oregon City
Phone Number: (503) 970-9072
Fax Number: (815) 550-1156
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