My passion for being in the marine industry all started back in my early days in college...
Working for a charter fishing company down in Avila Beach (Central California) - This is where I first got a taste of the salty, sea-going way of life.
After 2 years of college at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo - That's when things really started to take hold...

9/11 had just happened, and I decided it's time to leave school to go serve our Country in the US NAVY.
As one of the Navigators aboard the USS TAYLOR (FFG-50) I finally got a real good dose of SALT in the bloodstream!
Learning the modern and centuries old forms of Navigation out at sea - To finally learn how to use a sextant and navigate by the stars, as all the great navigators of the past did.
From the Caribbean to Cairo and then to the Middle East and back - Such a priceless experience, and one that really hooked me into the nautical world!

I started working with POP Yachts nearly 8 years ago when my wife and I were living in Florida. As the company expanded operations to the west coast we took the opportunity to relocate back to our hometown.

Nestled along the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains by the banks of the American River, my wife and I are raising our 3 young kids.

Let me know how I can be of assistance. You can reach me at any time by text, email, SKYPE, or direct on my cell.

TEXT / CELL: 727-465-4033
EMAIL: kevin@popsells.com
SKYPE: kevin.stigall

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the tradewinds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
-Mark Twain
Title: Licensed Senior Broker
Hometown: Coloma, California
Mobile Number: (727) 465-4033
Fax Number: (815) 425-8981
Skype: kevin.stigall
Google+: My Profile
California License #: S-0001-2482-0001
Florida License #: 7645
Summer Evening - Northern, California
Floating the South Fork of the American River - Northern, California
Image (4)
Image (5)
Image (6)
Image (7)
Rafting - South Fork, American River. Where GOLD was discovered in California back in 1849!
Image (9)
South Fork - American River - Coloma, CA
Image (11)
With my wife and our 2 little ones
Image (13)
With the kids - Monterey CA
Image (15)
Shell Back Ceremony - Crossing the equator  into King Neptune's waters - Samalia Coast
Old Navy Days! (Persian Gulf 2005)
Sand Storm just past the Strait of Hormuz - Persian Gulf
Image (19)
Sunset in the Northern Arabian Gulf - 5th Fleet!
Image (21)
Image (22)
Image (23)
Image (24)
Image (25)
Image (26)
POP Yachts Ski Trip 2015 - Kirkwood / Lake Tahoe
Me and my ski buddy
Image (29)
POP Yachts Ski Trip 2015 - LAKE TAHOE!
Image (31)
Image (32)
Image (33)
With my favorite ski buddy
POP Yachts in Australia - May 2013 -- Sanctuary Cove Boat Show -- Gold Coast, Queensland Australia
POP Yachts - Winter 2014 ski trip - Mammoth Lakes, CA
Winter Sunset in the Mountains - Northern California
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Just a quick reply to say that from my perspective I've come across someone who is really interested in my boat needs and not just trying to sell me a boat!
Kevin has shown to be that person and I'm very much appreciative and developing a trust.
He is not pushy, provides inputs and is actually looking across the market to see what may suit.
Kevin is a keeper and I do like the way I can filter and look across your web site easily.

Steve L. from Hilo, HI, posted on APR 16
Kevin is great! He has found prospects all across the country. He's courteous, prompt but not pushy.

Jim H. from Medford, OR, posted on FEB 4
I am very happy with the way POP Yachts has handled the selling of my boat I like the way you advertise it and the feed back I receive about the potential buyers is right on. I would like to say that if anyone wants to make an offer I am open to that also . Thanks for everything you folks have done and I would recommend POP Yachts to all my friends as I do know a lot of fisherman that have boats Have a nice day Capt Dave

David F. from Windsor, CA, posted on SEP 7

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