By the way, all my family and friends call me Marcie, so please consider yourself family and friends!
I am a wife of almost 31 years to a wonderful, intelligent, and loving husband. The mother of 2 children, a guy and a gal. I am a grandmother (Grammy) which happened for the first time on August 31, 2018 and then again on September 22, 2018. Yes! First of all my son and his wife gave birth to a baby boy. Second my daughter and her husband gave birth to a baby girl! My husband and I have the best of both worlds and know we are so blessed! For my entire adult life I have worked in various professional fields always looking for just the right niche with the proper balance of work and family. Now that I am a Grammy, I don't want to miss a minute of spoiling my grandchildren or being there to help my own children as they experience life.
My husband and I live in the Volunteer State of Tennessee. We have lived here since 2012 when the Army transferred us here 2 years before my husband retired from his 21 years of Active Duty Military service. My dear sweet Mother in Love, Emogene, who is soon to be 93 years old lives with us as I could not bear placing her in a nursing home as she aged. I have 2 dogs which I love very much and they are quite attached to me as well. Biscuit is my little Shih Tzu and he is about 6 years old. Zoey is a Chocolate Labrador/Golden Retriever Mix and she is about the same age as Biscuit.
I graduated from Southeastern University of Lakeland, Florida in December of 1985. Majoring in Christian Education and Bible with a minor in Counseling Psychology. For several years I taught school and have taught at every age level including at a Junior College. The years I spent teaching were absolutely fulfilling in many ways, but I left the field in order to explore other opportunities. My favorite job of all times was working for Sears as a Large Appliance Sales Associate. I know that probably sounds a bit odd, but it was great fun helping folks find the perfect appliances for their home's. Many industries and experiences have led me to the Yacht and RV business, which is a new adventure for me. I love helping people find things...that is my mission in life! It is my hope and my intention to help those who are earnestly looking for a Yacht, RV, or both, find the perfect fit and make that dream come true.
Title: Regional Sales Representative
Hometown: Clarksville, TN
Mobile Number: (912) 656-5672
Phone Number: (912) 656-5672
Fax Number: (815) 377-3764
Skype: live:6eb8cafb8a1a6747
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