I really have to say the entire Pop Yacht's Team never missed a beat, From helping me find the boat I wanted to all the rest of the process, right up to the final delivery.
Tampa, FL Posted 1.1 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

I was very nervous trusting somebody else to do all the paperwork. After I found the boat i wanted on their site, they communicated between myself and the owner to answer all my questions. It was a seamless operation, I was very impressed, Mel and Ray answered all the questions I had to my satisfaction. Drove to Pennsylvania and the boat was the boat I seen on line, not like those dating sites ?? it was a done deal, thanks to everybody involved, especially Mel and Ray.
Wellington, OH Posted 4.2 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

I think all the folks working for Pop Yachts did a good job in making my purchase possible, and I really want to make sure they get credit even to the point of me registering the boat. The only suggestion I have is for any one considering purchasing a boat on the internet take the time to REALLY look the boat over. I trusted people to tell the whole truth and that isn't always a good thing. I would use Pop Yachts for a purchase or a sale.
Sebastian, FL Posted 5.8 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

When I finally had all of the questions and pictures ready the listing and sale was completed in less than a week. Guess there was a buyer out there that my boat fit his needs. Deposit and payment move along better than most deals i have been involved in. Great service and the Reps kept me updated as the sale progressed. Could not be happier.
Millersburg, OH Posted 5.8 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

My recent experience purchasing a boat through POP Yachts was a great. The staff handled everything very professionally and thorough. I had some concern about wiring funds to strangers, but everything went smoothly. I would recommend POP Yachts to anyone interested in buying or selling a boat.
Onalaska, WI Posted 7.6 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

The buyer was a little leery about sending all that money, and I will admit I was a little concernedmyself, but it all worked out as planned,and I was very happy how it all went so smoothly. The people I dealt with were all very nice, I can't say enough about them and Pop Yachts. It was a great experience.
Cedarburg, WI Posted 7.6 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

Claude and the rest of the gang at POP Yachts did what it took to help me sell my boat and keep it as painless as possible. Thanks again!
Springfield, VA Posted 7.6 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

I research items before I buy. Lawrence from POP Yachts helped me to decide on the type of boat that was best for me and found one in a location where I never would have looked. He helped me to negotiate a great deal that exactly suited my specific needs. From initial call through delivery he was always there with expert advice. The benefits of the service far outweigh the cost. I do not usually write reviews, especially good ones, but buying a boat through POP Yachts was like having a friend in the business. Even better! Efficient, organized, detailed, accurate, courteous, friendly, professional, unbeatable!
Clearwater, FL Posted 8 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

I was apprehensive at first, because I didn't know them and am cautious.
Bernie Peacock was great to work with. He made himself available and replied quickly when I had a question.
When the boat sold and went to closing dept. I still had to contact Bernie because the instructions given to me were not clear and they didn't respond to my questions when I needed to and in the end I had to guess. (This is in regards to whether or not to sign and notarize title before I sent it to POP.)
Willoughby, OH Posted 8.3 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

We could keep going but...