Very happy with Pop Yachts handling of selling our boat. They kept us informed and walked us through the whole selling process and handled all the paperwork. I highly recommend them.
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Always a pleasure dealing with a fellow professional Captain and crew. It always makes the buying (2x) or selling (3x) process go smoothly.
Orlando, FL Posted 1.5 yrs ago on   View on website .

My experience with Pop Yachts from Robin the sales person through the closing process was really amazing. we bought a boat (for the first time) out of state so it was a complicated process and their communication and experience made the entire process smooth for us. Highly recommend!
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First thing to know when buying a boat is knowing what type of boat you want. You should then ask for Ray Woosley at Pop Yachts and he will assist you in the buying process. The system they have in place is well structured to protect both sellers and buyers! It makes sense with the amount of work involved with coordination and especially water trial. Mel Hendrick assisted with the closing documents and she was prompt and very organize. This is my first experience buying a boat through a broker and I highly recommend! Most take the time to provide negative feedback and they are deserving of this positive feedback.
Palm Coast, FL Posted 3.5 yrs ago on   View on website .

Mark and Lauren made the process very easy. Mark continuously worked to get the boat sold as well as relayed valuable information on the boat sales market. Lauren made the closing process very easy. Would definitely recommend.
Wichita, KS Posted 4.8 yrs ago on   View on website .

This is my first boat using a broker. I've bought a number of boats directly from sellers. I have mixed feelings about using a brokerage. The broker was very nice and knew his stuff. He took the time to meet with us for an entire afternoon drove to two different marinas that were 60 miles apart. I have only positive things to say about the people at Popyachts. However the entire experience of using a brokerage was not ideal. We looked at several boats, with the one we liked being 2 hours away. However the company rules say that we could not go for a sea trial without first agreeing on a selling price. Since we were looking at several boats, how can you proactively agree on a price (site unseen). Every time I have bought a boat from a private seller, I get to do a sea trial on the first day and then decide if I want to make an offer. Once we decided that we liked the boat, we had to negotiate the price, and then decide if we would drive 2 hours again for a sea trial. Since we didn't have time to drive 4 hours round trip multiple times, we had to arrange for the sea trial, survey and closing all on the same day. Scheduling all of this on the same day was not easy as the brokerage does not do any scheduling with any party other than the seller. In the end, we did make it all work and we took the boat home the same day. The other bad part was that it took 5 weeks for the title and lien release to arrive. I had a document that showed that I owned the boat, but I didn't have any documents to make my boat legal to use for 5 weeks. That's a long time in Michigan when the season is winding down. I believe the issue was mostly on the seller's Bank's side, but I've never had it take that long to release a lien when dealing with private sellers on other boats or cars. With a private seller, you can go to the bank with the seller and ask them to sign the lien release right away.
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We couldn't be more pleased with our Popyachts experience, our boat was under contract 10 days after it first was shown on the website. Our broker, Aaron Taylor kept us informed of any and all interest in our listing. Once we received an offer, and we accepted it, which was almost full price, Lauren Angelillo took over to handle the closing. Everything went smoothly and was painless. We highly recommend using Popyachts to anyone selling their boat.
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You would expect a certain amount of stress with a transaction like purchasing a boat in this manner. II was impressed by the efficient use of technology by POP Yachts. Prompt responses and sharing of information made this a smooth process. Things happened exactly as I was told they would. Thanks to Heather, Dee Dee, and Mike for staying on top of everything. POP Yachts fan
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I Recently purchased my first boat through pop yachts, they made the whole process from start to finish easy and stress free. Everyone one in the company that I was in contact with were informative and professional. Doug Berge first showed me the boat a couple weeks before I decided to buy it. Doug never made me feel pressured and always responded to my emails within a short period of time day or night. My experience with the team at pop yachts was great and would definitely recommend pop yachts to others.
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Buying a boat was easier with POP Yachts
I will never buy another boat because it's really hard. Just getting the loan from the bank took weeks. Pop yachts made buying and transferring ownership of the vessel easy. They brought their experience into something I'd never done before. At the end of the day, Pop yachts made sure that I had all the paperwork I needed to register my new boat and trailer in my state with no hassles.
United States Posted 8.7 yrs ago on   View on website .

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