The 2 Key Ways Four Winns Changed Boat Building

Updated 7:07 PM ET, Tue September 23, 2014
The 2 Key Ways Four Winns Changed Boat Building
Two major innovations came from the masterminds at Four Winns over the years - one aboard the boats, and one below.

Since the mid-1990s, Aquaflex vinyl has been made exclusively for Four Winns boats' seats and benches. (However, some other boats that were in the Rec Boat Holdings brands, like Glastron, were also made with it in more recent years.) The vinyl is more fabric-like than other seat material, and it has been recognized for its sturdier backing that resists tearing and cracking. It also helps to disperse heat better than traditional vinyl, so having a seat doesn't have to be a heated experience.

Finishing off the seats is the Comfort Foam that helps them stay dry because water is dispersed by suspension springs and wicking away water. Because you spend so much time seated when you're on board, few things could be more important.

However, Four Winns is known for another innovation that also makes the ride more comfortable and much more stable than competitors, and that is the Stable-Vee hull, designed by engineer Tom Wenstadt, who created it specifically for Four Winns. The patented design won the 2001 Popular Mechanics' innovation award.

The Stable-Vee has often been compared to a sports car because of its width of the chine that stays flat and stable during a hard-cranking turn.

The Four Winns' website describes the advantages:

- There is a stepped running surface that reduces drag/friction while underway

- After pods help the boat plane more quickly, much like a set of trim tabs

- The angle of the rise in the boat's hull creates a smooth ride

- The unique shape of the chine gives the boat a large, stable footprint

- The SL model features a Stable-Vee modification, the split chine (SC). The chine surface starts as one surface aft, then splits into two diverging surfaces forward. This provides a new level of forward load carrying, roll stability and ride comfort .

Among POP Yachts' listings, we have dozens of Four Winns' models for you to choose from, like the 2007 Four Winns 288 Vista pictured above. If a comfortable and smooth ride at an affordable price is what you're looking for, take a look through our listings now and be sure to fill out your information in our "Contact Us" page, so we can pair you up with a sales representative near you.

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