The Undeniable Sex Appeal of the Wellcraft Scarab

Updated 9:05 AM ET, Mon December 8, 2014
The Undeniable Sex Appeal of the Wellcraft Scarab
As the devil-may-care, oh-so charming Miami Vice player, er, character Sonny Crockett famously quipped, "I get these occasional urges for stability in my life," he must have been inspired by the Wellcraft Scarab that he zipped around in during season 2 through 5 of the show. (Yes, he also drove a Chris-Craft vessel in season 1.)

The boat was a sleek silhouette that sliced through Miami's aquamarine waters while the wind brushed through Sonny's blonde hair and pastel sports coat. It's an iconic vision that those of us from the 80s will always remember.

Wellcraft, at the time, saw a spike in popularity of the company's Scarab boats and eventually produced just 100 of the Scarab 38' KV Miami Vice Edition replica vessels. Wellcraft also gifted Don Johnson, who played the character Sonny Crockett, an exact replica of the blue, black and white boat, which apparently, he drove to work.

The company went on to partner with Johnson to develop a 43-foot Scarab Excel Don Johnson Signature Series, which the actor raced professional in the Offshore Powerboat Tour, according to Miami Vice Wiki.

Today, buyers can find plenty of used Wellcraft Scarab boats among the 135-plus options in the POP Yachts' listings, like this attention-getting stiletto of a boat, the 1993 Wellcraft Scarab Thunder 31. Not only is it hot to look at, it's also powered by twin 454 HO engines.

Wellcraft boat

Over the years, Wellcraft moved into the fishing boat and cruisers market, and currently manufactures a line of Scarab Offshore, tournament-class and sport fishing vessels, as well as other sporting and fishing cruisers, like this 2006 Wellcraft 352 Tournament, also available in the POP Yachts' listings.

Wellcraft boat

So if you're ready to get on the water with an eye-catching Wellcraft vessel like these, please give us a call today at (941) 257-0111, and a representative will be in touch!

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