Like the rest of the industry, we are experiencing inventory shortages due to COVID-19. Boats are selling quickly so please confirm availability.

Most of my contact was with Paul Herman and Lauren Bailey. Both were most professional and knowledgeable; the process for sales and documentation are thorough and customer friendly. This is important to me because I am paperwork averse and not particularly tech savvy. Paul handled the product side of the process, including seller contact, with knowledge and awareness of each step in the process. Lauren made the documentation painless. They communicated with me and with each other in order to get the sale closed and documented. I would recommend that someone from POP Yachts or a contracted inspector view all boats to insure that the offering is as represented. I, fortunately, made a 1000+ mile trip to inspect and operate a boat that was not properly represented by the photos and description. The boat was rejected, requiring a price adjustment. If the boat had been delivered as represented, we would be having very different communication. I commend Paul for his handling of the situation. That being said, the POP Yachts process is excellent and your team is outstanding.
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