1987 Tacoma Stalwart T- AGOS-12 For Sale

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Boat Details

Tacoma Stalwart
T- AGOS-12
Length (LOA):
Min. Draft:
Max. Draft:
Stock #:
Seattle, Washington
Air Conditioning:
Reason for Selling:
The seller was going to charter the vessel, but is now going another direction.
Engine Details
970 BHP D398
Size (each):
800 hp
Fuel Type:

Located in Seattle, Washington, this 224-foot used Tacoma Stalwart T- AGOS-12 is a great utility boat. Powered by quad 800hp Caterpillar 970 BHP D398 engines, this Tacoma Stalwart boat can get you where you want to go. This boat is in very good condition and systems are working well, according to her owner. She has had 4 owners and it's easy to tell how well each owner has cared for her. The owner has recently had her maintained, as well. This Utility comes with a dinghy, included in the price of the boat sale. Put your mind at ease with the safety and security of having life jackets and a fire extinguisher on board. The T- AGOS-12 has ample room to sleep 39 comfortably, should your needs demand it. With an air conditioning unit and a generator on board, this boat has the accommodations to make any long trip comfortable. Don't miss out on your opportunity to own this good condition Tacoma Stalwart utility!...Read more

1987 Tacoma Stalwart T- AGOS-12 Utility in Seattle, Washington

Stock #084726

USNS OSV Bold (formerly Vigorous), T-AGOS-12.

Last Surveyed & Appraised at $10,000,000 USD.

Turn Key , Fully Stocked & Equipped, Ready to go Ocean Survey Vessel.

This can be a private ship or yacht. Each cabin is 3 or four hundred square feet. each has its own Bathroom for the most part.

At least 24 individual cabins.

This is the 12th of the 13 T-AGOS hulls Tacoma Boat Building
Company put out.

Ordered Sept. 30, 1987
Laid down June 13, 1998
Launched May 24, 1989
Struck March 3, 2004

It is a Stalwart Class Ocean Surveillance Ship.

Machinery Plant is Diesel Electric.

It has an Ice Reinforced Hull, was designed & made for operation at the North & South Poles.

It is now perfectly suited for Surveying the Oceans of the World!

It is very quite running because it was made to hunt subs originally by the US Navy.

It has since been since been declassified & is now available to the general public.

There are little to no restrictions in purchasing this vessel.

Some certifications are due & or expired.

Ship was Refit 2005 & 2012.

A recent in water survey is available upon request.

Water maker with almost five thousand gallons of storage.

The vessel includes 2 tenders & 3 cranes.

One Crane was just over hauled. There is a large A frame on the back deck for lifting equipment like an ROV, Sonar device or a Sub. It can be removed to make room for a helicopter pad.

The ship also includes many different state rooms, labs & work areas. It was made more comfortable by the EPA. All of the equipment the EPA had on board is still there. Everything!

The EPA intended on leasing the boat from the previous owners & it did not work out. Everything goes with the vessel.

It is really just needing a crew. We are in contact with the Capt. & most of the previous crew may be available.

It is perfectly suited to spend a considerable time in the Arctic Oceans.

Includes approximately 80 immersion suites, approx. thirty dive set ups & bottles. This can all be verified.

There is under water video equipment, side scan sonar, & general sampling instruments such as corers, dredges, & trawls.

The boat comes with a full set of Snap On tools & equipment necessary for operation. There are enough parts on board to rebuild every engine on board including the two Yanmar, diesel, jet boat, tenders' engines.

Originally a Navy Ship, It was sold to the EPA & has become a Non Combat Vessel. The EPA owned & operated it from 2005-2013. Since, then, The Seattle Maritime Academy Acquired it & has since sold it to the current owner.

It takes a crew of 10 to run the ship efficiently. Most of the previous crew has agreed to come back to work & service the ship for the new owner.

The chief engineer may be available to help verify anything on the ship.

Currently, there is a care taker living on the ship. It has always been plugged in to the utilities, exhausts covered, fuel circulated, engines plugged into a warmer, among other things.

It is fully stocked for the most part & someone has been either guarding it or living on it since the seller purchased it.

The main engines were rebuilt in the 2012 dry docking. The only hours the engines are from it's voyage from Key West to Seattle in 2013.

Before the ship got to Seattle the Main Damage Control Computer Failed. The seller has since repaired it among other things.

The seller employed the former chief engineer to do a conditions report & to oversee the repair of the electronics that failed. He also installed new brushes on the electric motors & examined the rear shaft seals which were found to be in good shape. He went through everything & his engineers report is in long hand on the bridge. Copies are expected soon. Will update the listing when they are available.

The only thing besides the vessel needing paint is the bridge air conditioning should be serviced & the main walk in freezer needs to be serviced.

Generally there are limitations with buying a Military Vessel owned vessel. In this case the US Dept. of Defense has inspected it & there are limited restrictions on the sale of this vessel because it was sold to the EPA who in turn donated it to the Washington Maritime Academy which is run by the State of Washington. They were not able to maintain the vessel as needed so it was assigned to GSA for auction. They offered it first to the other governmental agencies & was sold to the current seller.

This vessel just needs a standard commerce declaration to leave the country. The US Dept. of Commerce has a standard form. They just want to know that you are not taking it to one of the four countries that we are not trading with at the moment. They include Syria, North Sudan, North Korea & Iran. As long as you fill out their form telling them who you are, what your intended purpose is with the boat & tell them the destination port it is going to, then the boat is free to go after they approve. This can be pre approved for the most part over the phone with the US Dept. of Commerce. The trade code is 8A992.

This is not a government vessel any more & it is free to sell to who ever wants it. T- In T-AGOS stands for Civilian Ship.

The seller intended to charter/lease the vessel & has since gone another direction & is very motivated to sell it.

The mooring may be available to who ever buys it. It is in a private mooring. The mooring was set up specifically for this vessel. It is approximatley half the price of Lake Union which is near by.

It is currently an Uninspected Ocean Survey Vessel (OSV).

The intended use on the end of use certificate from GSA is that it is to be chartered out.

This boat can service the globe with approx. 233,200 gallons of fuel storage in 16 tanks according to the survey report.

There is a picture of the fuel chart in the pictures.

Everything & anything can be verified on this vessel. Just ask.

The seller states that the EPA spent over $34 Million dollars refitting this vessel. The EPA installed a new fuel tank under the aft deck.

Seller states that the ship is set up for 90 day voyages before needing to be resupplied. He says the boat is fully stocked for the most part with everything needed. There is still coffee in the fridge.

There are approximately 30 state rooms almost all of them come with their own shower.

It is set up for 19 crew & 20 scientists.

The EPA made the boat from a crowded & cramped government type boat to a more comfortable vessel.

They also installed a sophisticated fire fighting system that seals the entire engine room & engulfs the space if needed.

Powered by Electric Motors fueled from the power created by Caterpillar 970 BHP D398 Engines.

Load Line Draft: 14'-11-6.25''

Light ship weight is 1,444 long tons.

Light ship draft is 10'-10-1/8''

This is a 60 Meter Vessel
The USCG records it as a 198' Vessel.

Builder: Tacoma Boat Building Co.

It is a US Coast Guard Documented Vessel. It is very easy to transfer the ownership of this vessel.

Four - 970 BHP Caterpillar D398 Engines,
Two- 800 SHP GE Cy8T2 Model 426 Propulsion Motors.

Four Main A/C Generators, KATO 600Kw, 600v.- Diesel Engines, Caterpillar D353 414 hp. Last overhauled 2008

Emergency generator: 250Kw, 450v, KATO/Caterpillar 3408

Seller says there is at least 40K gallons of fuel on board.

Seller estimates that the ships fuel efficiently is approx. 500 gallons every 12 hours or 1000 gallons every 24 hours.

He estimates that with a crew of about 15 & an average salary of the crew at $250 per day. The boat with fuel should cost about $10k per month to crew & operate.

The seller promises that the boat is ready to go to sea for the most part besides needing some certifications updated.

The engines are very clean & were started in approx. December 2015. The chief engineer moved the boat under it's own power in the slip, back & forth.

Included: 2, jet propulsion, Yanmar, diesel powered.

Information On Condition

In water survey preformed August 21, 2015

Last Surveyed August 2015 for insurance purposes.

Last Hauled & Complete Dry Dock preformed January 2012.

The bottom is not due to be done until late 2017

Last under water inspection July 2015

Super structure & coating is generally good. Hull shows some slight battering & scrapes.

Some corrosion above & below the water line.

Exhaust line condition is good.

Will need a new load line certificate & COI

The ABS is expired in 2015 only because the seller did not want to make a decision on what to class it as. It is open to classification. Plus, if this is going international, it doesn't need the ABS classification.

The life boats & the fire systems like fire extinguishers will have to be certified as some of the certifications have expired & are due on a yearly basis.

The chief engineer has a very good log book of everything on board. He spent approx. 14 years on the boat.

Seller said any engineer that reports on this boat will be very happy with it. He believes the condition of the boat is in top shape. It just needs a crew & it is ready to for a voyage.

Seller just emptied the grey water tank June 2016. It was just about full.

Approximate boat location: Seattle, Washington

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Basic Details
Tacoma Stalwart
T- AGOS-12
Length (LOA):
Stock #:
Seattle, Washington
Engine & MechanicalMech.
970 BHP D398
Size (each):
800 hp
Fuel Type:
Fuel Tank:
233,250 gals
Cruising Speed:
3 mph
Maximum Speed:
11 mph
Fuel Consump.:
42 gals/hour @ Cruise
Drive Type:
Direct Drive
Fuel Transfer Pumps:
Engine Alarms:
Engine Room:
Engine Room Lighting:
Water Maker:
Radar Arch/mast:
Oily Water Separator:
Water Tanks:
Balast Pumps:
Bilge Pump:
With Bilge Alarms.
Fuel Tank Location:
Through Out. Schematic Chart Available In Pictures.
Cockpit Type:
Pilot House
Shaft Seals:
Oil Lubricated
Bow Thruster:
Last Inspected 2012. Caterpillar 3408 550 Hp.
Emergency Steering:
Hydraulic, Trick Wheel.
Bottom Paint:
Due Late 2017
Machinery Plant:
Diesel Electric
Main Engines:
Distillation Plant:
2, Alpha LAVAL, Rated At 2400 Gpd, Reverse Osmosis.
Oily Waste Tanks:
2, 6,021 Gallons Each.
Lube Oil Tanks:
2, 5,230 Gallons Each.
Fuel Tank:
16, Includes Emergency Generator Tank. (312 Gallons).
Sanitary Tank:
11,148 Gallon Capacity.
11 Tanks Of Various Sizes. Two Center Tanks Are Fresh Water. 147,408 Gal. Total Capacity.
Anti Roll Tank:
1, Aft Of Machinery Space. 18,719 Gallon Capacity.
Dimensions & Specifications & Specs
Length Overall:
Length at Water:
198' 8"
Min. Draft:
Max. Draft:
3,000,000 lbs
Water Capacity:
4,063 gals
NavigationalNav. Equipment
Depth Instrument:
Anchor Light:
Weather Station:
Vantage Pro2
Gyro Pilot:
Paper Charts:
Deviation Table:
None. One Should Be Installed According To The Last Surveyor..
Weather Fax Reciever:
Navtex NCR 300 A
Long Range Identification & Tracking System. Should Be Installed. There Is Not One.
Gyro Pilot, Sperry
Paging System:
Gai-tronic Corp.
AIS System:
Furuno Universal FA-100
Satellite Compass:
Furuno SC 502
Loud Hailer:
Furuno LH 3000
Furuno GP 90, Furuno GP 35. WAAS/DGPS/GPS
Furuno FM 8500
Inmarsat C Transceiver:
Furuno FELCOM 15
Fathom Meter:
Furuno FE-700, Furuno RD 30
Doppler Speed Log:
Furuno DS-50
Furuno 056008
Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System: Surveyor Recommends One Being Installed.
2, Transceivers. Furring FS-1562-15
2, Furuno
VHR Radio Telephone:
2, FM-8800S
Deck Features
Anchor Locker:
J Frame:
A Frame:
Stern 10,000 Pounds.
Hydro Pro 4400 Pounds At Fifty Feet. Last Overhauled July 2015
4 Of Various Capacities.
U Frame:
1000 Pounds
Safety EquipmentEquip.
Satellite Communications:
Life Jackets:
Navigation Lights:
First Aid Kits:
Fire Pump:
Marine Whistle:
Ships Bell:
Emergency Lighting:
With Signage. Very Good.
Throwable PFD:
With Lines & Lights.
Galley Fire Fighting:
Trauma Kit:
Stokes Litter
Fire Detection System:
Siemons Systems 3
Handheld Radios:
Out Of Date
Multiple. Inspections Out Of Date. Need To Be Re Registered.
Fire Extinguishers:
CO/2 Detectors:
Machinery Space, Each Main Propulsion Unit Pod. Bosun's Locker, Bow Thruster, & Generator Rooms.
GMDSS Console:
Furuno RC-150011
Inmarsat B:
Fleet Broadband:
Portable Pump:
For Damage Control.
Display Furuno SC 502
Immersion Suits:
Approx. 40
Visual Distress Signals:
All Expired
Fire Axes:
4, 14 Man Each, Third Level, Aft Of Pilothouse.
Line Throwing Guns:
DSC Terminal:
2, Furuno DSC 6
DSC Watch Receivers:
2, Furuno AA 50
Firemens Outfits:
18 On Deck.
Fire Hose Stations:
ElectricalElec. Components
Roll Control System:
Accessory Switches:
Shore Power:
480v 3 Phase 400A
Electrical Service:
480v 3 Phase & 120v Single Phase.
Ships Service Generator:
4-500kw, 600V KATO
Water Heater:
3, Electric. Heater On Main Deck Replaced 2012
Propulsion Motors:
2-800 SHP GE CY8T2 MODL 426972, SCR Drive
Ships Emergency Generator:
1- 250KW, 450V, KATO/CATAPILLAR 3408
Accommodations & Passengers
Sleep. Capacity:
Air Conditioning:
Survey Operations Center:
Wet Lab:
Micro Biology Lab:
Data Acquisition Center:
Sick Bay:
Well Equiped
Dive Locker:
Aft On The Main Deck.
ConstructionConst. Features
Hull Material:
Exterior Color:
Freeboard To Main Deck:
Min. 5'-2 7/8''
Ship's Store Capacity:
Dry :1550 Cubic Feet. Refrigerated : 1715 Cubic Feet.
2-8' In Diameter, 8.5' Fixed Pitch
Panama Canal Tonnage:
2330.52 Gross, 1123.60 Net.
Light Ship VCG:
Depth Molded At Midships:
Length Btwn Perpendicular:
Load Line Draft:
14'-11 5/8''
Light Ship Draft:
10'-10'' & An 1/8''
Light Ship LCD:
United States Tonnage:
1,914.0 Gross Tons. 574 Net.
Light Ship Displacement:
1,444 Long Tons
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