Having worked with POP Yachts with an effort to sell my boat over nearly the past year - I think I have a fairly long history to base my review off of. Even though our boat was listed with them for so long, I never felt "swept under the rug" or that me or my boat had been forgotten about. King was awesome to work with the entire time. Great communication, friendly and personable but very much so a "take care of business" type of person as well. POP Yachts also did a great job helping me prepare once we found a perspective buyer - making sure everything was in order as far as all things to check prior to boat inspection, all paperwork that was needed and constantly checking in to make sure things were going well. Great company with great people working for/with them. Definitely would recommend.
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Dear David - I hope that you actually review the "reviews" and make note of them. As a Realtor/Apartment Locator (and Mark is in sales of internet technology) we both have to deal with customers. Good customer service is part of what we do all day it is very evident when we run into another good salesperson. Having said that...let me applaud Nicole for her outstanding follow-up and diligence in our sale. We were not purchasing a large yacht which would certainly make everyone in your organization a much better commission, but a small play boat. It is obvious that Nicole has her processes in place and definitely knows what she is doing. We were impressed. Tammy Bly - although she was NOT our salesperson...I sure wish she had been. We considered a boat she was representing and in a short 1-2 days of conversation with her - she followed up promptly and provided us with what we needed. Applauds to her too (and I wrote to tell her so). Hmmm....our salesperson may be too used to the "big" deals or is maybe busy trying to sink the bigger deals. Or just was frustrated that this seller had your company representing her for over a year and was challenging to get in contact with to say the least. Whatever the reason...we had to leave multiple voice messages with him and although he did finally respond - we finally quit dealing with him and went to the source (seller) ourselves. Matter of fact, I don't feel like he really worked for his commission as we did most of the work communicating with the seller ourselves. Yes...Liz was challenging, however, Tammy followed up immediately when asked to do so and Nicole didn't seem to have a problem getting results from Liz the seller. In closing I am giving you 4 stars (would have given you 5 - Brad reduced you one star) because of Tammy and Nicole. Did you earn your commission? Not really. Maybe because her boat has been sitting in your inventory for so long - you deserved to have something. But did you (Brad) work for it? Absolutely not. I suggest you give a big gift certificate to Tammy because she did please us and give Nicole a day off with pay. That girl works too hard! Donna Burton
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