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Pop Yachts understands our sellers want to be in the know. We also understand your time is very important. That's why we diligently watch the traffic for your listing and tell you everything.

You see what we see.

Week in, week out
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As a responsible brokerage, we understand that our sellers want to stay updated on the activity happening with their vessels.

That's why we automatically email you an activity report (PDF) each week containing activity for the week. This activity report details the following types of activity:

Anonymous Views

These are people looking at your boat, but they haven't created an account on our website, so we don't know who they are.

Registered Views

This section includes people who have created an account so we know who they are and, more importantly, we can track their behavior to see how often they look at your vessel advertisement.

Showing Interest

These buyers are showing a significant level of interest in your vessel because of the number of views and the time distance spread between those views. They may not have reached out to us yet, but they will soon.

Inquiries Submitted

The list of prospective buyers who have reached out to us. Our responses are best in class and our response time is measured in minutes.

This is a report of web traffic to your vessel advertisement. We will also be in active dialog with many potential buyers who may have come in initially on another vessel but whom we are discussing your vessel with as a possibility.

Take a Peek

If you like feedback and knowing where things stand with your boat for sale, you'll love our seller reports.

POP was built from the ground up to keep you informed.

Sell with POP Yacht, This past summer I spent 4 months trying to sell my boat by myself. I listed my boat with a free well-known listing service, got 40 contacts and spent countless hours on the phone and e-mail answering questions. Eight people came to see my boat, two were serious buyers. Ultimately, no deal was reached with either of these serious buyers. I put my boat in the yard and figured I would resume selling my boat the following spring. During November, I got a number of e-mails from Judy in Florida saying POP Yachts can sell your boat. I disregarded them until my wife said call them, you have nothing to lose. I signed-up and since the boat was in NY they assigned me to Pia, their sales rep. in NJ. Pia kept in constant touch with me. Within 3 weeks, before the holidays, she had found a potential buyer. Since I live in Minnesota, Pia drove out to meet the potential buyer at my boat to inspect it after the holidays. Within 2 weeks the buyer put down a deposit. Brad, a closer, worked with Pia on the sales agreement. By the end of January, in the middle of winter, Jessica, in Florida handled the legal aspects and closing and forwarded the funds to me. I talked to the buyer once on the phone and POP Yachts took care of everything else. I wish I had found POP Yachts before I wasted 4 months during the summer trying to sell my boat.
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