Where We Advertise?

Updated 11:59 AM ET, Mon May 21, 2012
Where We Advertise?
We get asked this question by our sellers and potential sellers quite a bit. So I thought it was best to put some information out for all to see.

At POP Yachts, we are much more than the traditional yacht brokerage. This is true in so many ways, but one area where this statement is beyond reproach is our Marketing. Our marketing savvy is truly un-matched in the boating industry.

I hear the number 150 websites a lot and, while this is true, it is the absolute minimum. I'd like to talk a bit about what advertising with a website means. There are entire website networks out there, like Boatsville.com for example. Boatsville.com is a regular classifieds websites but one major difference is they own hundreds (maybe more) website domain names that show custom search results for the city or type of boat you're looking for. Below are some examples:

...the list goes on forever.

While this is great exposure, and we do advertise with the Boatsville network, we only count this as one website. Just one (1) out of our more than 150 advertised websites. Why do some brokerages insist on saying they advertise your boat on hundreds of websites when, in truth, they advertise on their own website, a few others and Boatsville (which they count as hundreds). It is perfectly legitimate to say this, as long as you realize it doesn't give you much more exposure. Also, you should realize that POP Yachts gives you so much more!

So, where do we advertise?

The exact and complete list of where we advertise boats for sale remains one of the biggest secrets at POP Yachts. Not even our own employees know the entire list of advertising outlets. Why?

The list of where we choose to advertise (and just as important, where we choose NOT to advertise any more) is the culmination of years of research - literally YEARS and many tens of thousands of dollars. Providing this list to anyone means that it could and would inevitably make its way into the hands of some of our competitors. This would be an invaluable advantage for these competitors but also an unfair statement to those places we choose not to advertise with. Perhaps there were reasons beyond simply results that we no longer advertise with so-and-so. By them being excluded from our list, should it go public, would be an instant black mark on their record and that's a statement which we are not prepared to make publicly to all other boat dealerships.

Ok, but what can you tell us?

What people mostly care about is that their boat for sale advertisement will show up on the major websites they know about. So, we have compiled a list of some of the major websites below where all boat for sale advertisements we have are posted:

www.BoatTrader.com (of course!)

Besides advertising on classifieds websites, we also post a PDF brochure of your boat for sale advertisement on several public file sharing websites, your main photo on Flickr.com and other photo sharing websites and much more.

Describing our entire marketing to anyone would be a serious breach of one of our most deeply held trade secrets, but more than that would make your head spin! We have an entire, dedicated IT and Marketing Team whose sole job is to find new and unique ways to advertise boats for sale.

We truly are cutting edge here at POP!

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Sounds great now let's sell the boat!

Henry Maier M. from Cumberland, MD, posted on APR 3
This all sounds great, I see all anonymous leads on your reports to me. Is that because you scrub the list and keep the interested party private until I get an offer?

How does a buyer out of the country have the piece of mind to make an offer without seeing or driving the boat?

John & Kelly G. from Orlando, FL, posted on AUG 11
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