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The key...great customer service. We love the marine industry and one of our core missions is to help raise the customer service bar in this industry.

However, the internet has completely transformed the way we do business. While traditional sales principles still very much apply (such as building a solid relationship with the customer, earning their trust, adding value, customer qualification, etc), how you get there is now very different. It used to be that a customer valued a solid handshake and an honest smile. In a traditional face to face environment, skilled salespeople could qualify a customer based on body language, personality type, etc. In today's internet age, many buyers are researching and shopping online and face to face interaction does not happen until much later down the road, if at all. This presents new challenges to sales people.

The secret lies in new and different techniques, such as ultra-fast communication, understanding how a customer wants to communicate (phone, email, text, etc), relentless follow up, fully answering all questions, all while further developing the relationship with the customer. In today's online world, it is important for sales people to recognize that a customer communicating over online media may initially see the sales person as just a robot on the other end of the internet. Sales people need to make it real, make it human. Furthermore, people today do not want to be "sold," just like they don't want to be held to an exclusive contract and have to pay for something whether or not the vendor delivers. Our approach is much more consultive. We truly want our customers to be happy with their purchase.

At POP Yachts, we have become very good at building solid relationships with our customers, even without the upfront face to face interaction. We spend a full 2 months training our new sales associates on various techniques to help them excel at this "new" way of selling. The game is changing. Without our relentless focus on instant communication, understanding these new sales techniques, and without our amazing proprietary software, this company wouldn't be anywhere near what it is today.

Scott McNally - Employing Broker at POP Yachts
Scott McNally
Employing Broker
Nick Owens - Director of IT and Marketing at POP
Nick Owens
Director - IT & Marketing
how sales and marketing work together for POP Yachts

Superior Technology + Powerful Marketing

The key in this business is having the best technology to power the marketing machine. We have boiled down the process of selling a boat into a near-perfect process, automating processes where we can and teeing up the salesperson for a phone call or email when a human touch is required.

I've been helping boat dealers with technology and marketing for 14 years. It wouldn't be a stretch to call me the best in the business. To be honest, this is a small industry and I might actually be the only programmer 100% dedicated to the marine industry! Not many people have been in the boat business for 14 years and even less of them are computer programmers.

Without our proprietary software platform running our sales and marketing machines, this company wouldn't be near what it is today.

Combined For One Purpose
Selling your boat

Scott McNally began POP Yachts in August 2009 with a vision to create a dynamic boat brokerage which would offer sellers what they had never been given before: the right to sell their boat on their own without a commission. POP, standing for Paid On Performance, still believes that boat owners should maintain the right to sell their boat privately. While boat brokers serve an important purpose, many boat sales can happen without a broker and those boat owners shouldn't be required to pay a broker just because they signed a contract.

Nick Owens joined POP Yachts in May 2010 to help build a proprietary software system which would serve as a foundation for a future which had never before been realized. The vision changed to becoming the largest boat and yacht brokerage in the world. Utilizing our superior technology and advanced marketing, that vision was achieved sometime in February 2013 when POP started selling boats at a pace of more than 500/year. Selling more than 1,500 boats per year, the competition is going to have a hard time catching up - when they wake up.

The Biggest

POP Yachts sells more than 1,500 boats per year, making it (by far) the largest broker of boats and yachts.

The Best

Our customers consistently rank us 5-stars for customer service. In fact, according to TrustPilot.com, we receive better ratings for customer service than any other boat sales organization in the world.

The Machine

What we created would best be called a machine. We can pinpoint with pretty decent accuracy (and getting better) if and when a boat will sell based simply on Price, Brand, and Length. Where else can you find that? Nowhere.


I was very pleased by the communication & professionalism I received from the team @ POP Yachts. They were very knowledgeable, experienced & patient in helping me understand the processes. I would definitely use them again.
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