Why Our Data Feeds Are Different

By and Nick Owens
Updated 5:22 PM ET, Thu June 28, 2012
Why Our Data Feeds Are Different
When you're looking to sell or buy a boat, we know that closing the deal is where you'd like to focus all your attention. That's why we make it our job to do the behind-the-scenes work that will make your selling or buying experience seamless, smart and, most of all, successful.

The key to what makes POP Yachts different than any other yacht brokerage in the world is the advanced technology we have created to pair boats with buyers around the globe. At the foundation of our marketing strategy are state-of-the-art data feeds that we use to advertise sellers' boats.

So, what's a data feed? Think of it as a tube where the detailed information and photographs about a seller's boat are digitally shot through - on a daily basis - to major classified websites like BoatTrader.com, Boats.com, BoatingLife360.com and a total of 160 boating websites.

Now, throwing out that 160 website number may sound like "marketing speak" and might even seem impossible to folks who aren't computer savvy. That's why we want to help you understand what that 160 means. It's 160 individual companies with live websites that ensure the vessel gets unprecedented exposure on the Internet.

Some companies will say they have hundreds of websites for your boat's exposure, but in many cases, these companies simply own a bunch of website domain names. So technically, it's only one company with multiple names. But not necessarily more exposure.

At POP Yachts, we work with about 57 companies that control a lot of smaller companies - each one an individual, real website - not empty domain names with duplicate content from other sites. So we're not counting domain names...we're counting each company. We believe that's a more ethical and honest way to do business.

To learn more about what makes our selling and buying strategies different, visit our Services page. And don't forget to sign up for a free Boarding Pass to get even more access to each one of our listings.

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