I have been in the boating industry for 38 years, Also I have never left a review for ANY business before, I did however feel compelled to acknowledge two people who were absolutely fantastic to deal with at POP YACHTS, Howard (sales) and Tracy (closing/transfer/title) Both of these individuals made my purchase easy with a knowledgeable, professional attitude w/o any pressure. Constantly in contact by phone and email making the purchase simple and easy, without unanswered questions. Just wanted to say, THANK YOU...
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My Broker and Sellers Broker were very cooperative, providing all info I asked. Both were professional and helpful in order that the deal was concluded. But, also, big support came from the POP Office in Sarasota, giving me good and useful advices regarding funds transfer, registering the boat and meny, meny other useful advices. Good job POP Yachts.
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popyachts twice now with two boats they're all excellent people and I've really enjoyed my experience with them I would highly recommend popyachts Mike my representative here in Vero Beach was awesome
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JRO-24. I would like to thank James Robbins, and Diana Kral for making this a smooth transaction. This was a very long distant relationship, Las Vegas to Florida and we were able to get this complete with no problems. We had a little negotiating back and forth, but once we settled on the price James and Diana went to work, and were very helpful and knowledgable in completing this transaction. Thank You. I'm confidant that the rest of the process will go just as smooth. Looking forward to picking up the boat very shortly. Thanks Pop Yachts for the stressless experience.
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We could keep going but...