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If you want inventory on your website, you've come to the right place. We will provide data feeds to any reasonable organization in any format. While we reserve the right to approve any data feed partner, in reality no one has ever been turned down. Although it should go without saying, we cannot provide data feeds for other brokers or organizations looking to split commissions by obtaining buyer leads through our inventory. Our data feeds are always provided free of charge.

We currently offer data feeds in 31 different formats to 89 different organizations for display across more than 160 websites. Because of the variety of requests we have received over the years, our standard feed server supports a host of options, such as limited pictures, currency conversion, conversion to metric and more. Just ask. If we haven't done it before, we will find a way to do it. We're not your typical data provider looking for a way to say "no" to custom requests. We actually like custom requests since we know the more you like the data you're receiving, the better things you can do with it!

Our basic data feed (in any format) is a full data feed. We build the file automatically once per day on our server. You are free to download it at any time, save for a one hour window we reserve for building the file. For more advanced companies with experience dealing with data feeds, we do offer incremental data feeds. These "changes only" feeds (often called delta feeds) save loads of bandwidth and conserve processing power and resources by processing only the records with changes. We can push these or you can pull these on schedules as often as hourly if requested.

Any Format

We currently support 31 formats, including the popular industry-standard formats of POP XML, MATES XML, IDF XML and Open Marine XML.

Any Method

While we prefer REST-style and direct HTTP for incremental and full feeds, we also support FTP and SOAP delivery of files.

Your Way

Our data feeds are infinitely customizable. Whether you want to limit the inventory geographically (NY and NJ only) or you only want Inboard boats, we can deliver.

Let's Get More

Which formats do you support?

We currently support 31 formats, including the popular industry-standard formats of POP XML, MATES XML, IDF XML and Open Marine XML. We also provide data feeds in several popular generic forms, such as simple RSS XML, although we would not recommend those formats for exchanging boat data.

If you're not familiar with these format choices, go ahead and take a look at some samples below. We recommend POP XML. It is the most popular format in the boating industry because it is lightweight and simple, while still including most fields applicable to boats.

POP XML   —   MATES XML   —   IDF XML   —   Open Marine XML

Which transport methods do you support?

While most organizations prefer a direct HTTP file download, this method may not fit all organizations. We do provide a host of other options. We can post the file to you through HTTP or SOAP or we can FTP the file to your server every day.

We can also zip up the file (upon request) before transfer or saving so that limited bandwidth is used in transferring the file. As you may be aware, unzipping the file programmatically requires some advanced software so this option doesn't make sense for most organizations.

What can be customized?

Short answer, everything! We can customize a feed for you down to the XML nodes. We support so many different "formats" because most of them are customized versions of other popular formats.

Do you want inventory for Texas only? Done. Limit the feed to 20 photos? Done. Conversion to Australian Dollars? Done, done and done. What needs does your organization have that we can help with? Get Creative!

No need to scrape us!

Our web team closely monitors our web logs. We look for repeated requests from the same IP addresses and we will prosecute any automated requests to our website of any kind. We cannot allow scraping on our website because of all the extra bandwidth lost during transfer of markup, html, images, css, javascript and other static resources that are transferred through HTTP. This is not to mention all the duplicate data that would be received while running any automated searches.

The data in our web feeds is the same data, without exception, as shown on our website. If you would like our data, please just ask. As long as you are not displaying our inventory in a negative manner and you plan on sending us the leads by email, we will accommodate all requests from organizations for feeds. We have never turned down a request!

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This is a win-win opportunity for both organizations. You receive 6,000+ active boats for sale to instantly boost your inventory, including more than 200 new listings per week, and we receive marketing.

Please don't be shy! We love starting relationships with new organizations - you never know who is going to be the next big website and we want to be with you right from the beginning!

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