Your Local Broker?

Updated 12:43 AM ET, Thu November 22, 2012
Your Local Broker?
POP Yachts is not just a high-technology, mega-marketer of boats for sale. We are also your local broker.

Is POP Yachts really that local to me?

Well that depends on where you are. See the map embedded in this post for a snapshot from our internal management tools. POP Yachts embeds local representatives in nearly all the coastal boating areas of the country, and many inland areas as well.

NOTE: This map is simply a screenshot of our internal coverage map. We have local reps in most major boating markets in the US but not all. Our entire US coverage map is not visible publicly.

That's a whole lot of people! How many people is that?

Lots! While we are always hiring, we look only in areas heavy with boats. It takes a big boating market to support a local representative selling boats in an area. If you're in a local boating market, or more than one, please feel free to apply if you're looking for a career selling boats.

We only list boats for sale within the geographic areas where we have people. We put feet on every boat we list, take our own photos, do an inventory of features and electronics, and assess the vessel condition in our own eyes. We believe this is truly the best way to sell boats.

So what do all those circles mean?

They mean something to us!

Generally, it's the coverage area of a local representative based on driving distances so we know how far each of our local reps can easily travel.

What if my boat is not in a circle?

We love selling boats, but not that much. It just doesn't make a lot of sense for us (or anyone for that matter) to try to sell a boat we've never seen. We cannot list it for sale and will not advertise it.

If you want to send us one photo, let us know the details/features and how much you are looking to get, we will check with our database of potential buyers and see if we can put a deal together quickly with an already interested buyer we're speaking to.

Is the rest of the country next?

We have people already in most major boating markets. The smaller markets are on our horizon. Not all areas in our country are deep enough in boats. For example, I don't imagine there is a big boating demand in South Dakota. Hey, I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong!

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