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Your Purchase,
Your Choice

POP Yachts cannot offer direct ground transportation quotes. However, the list of shipping companies below do provide this service and should be able to help you move forward. POP Yachts does not endorse or recommend any of the shipping companies listed here. Selection of a shipper is the sole choice of our buyers.


Be sure to allow a few extra days for shipping, especially across long distances. If you want your new boat for Memorial day weekend, call ahead and start coordinating.

Towing Insurance

We cannot overstate the importance of towing insurance. PLEASE, PLEASE make sure your selected vendor has towing insurance. Don't be afraid to ask this question.

Read Reviews

After insurance, the most important factor in selecting a truck driver is convenience and timeliness. Did he show up on time? Did he help things go smoothly?

Read this first

Before calling a provider, check their reviews. Do a quick Google search for their name and take five minutes to read any customer reviews or complaints. When you speak to them, you should ask them about insurance. This is your new boat! Make sure you shipment will be insured. If a shipper is not insured or is wary about providing proof of their insurance, just end the conversation.

Make sure they can tow your size boat (length overall and beam). Wider boats can't be towed in certain states, or require special permitting, which may force the shipper to take a longer than normal route to avoid these state(s).

We don't warrant any of these providers. We are not suggesting you use any of them. Customers of ours in the past have used the providers below and we provide their names and phone numbers here simply as a convenience.

Sarasota, Florida
Real Boat
Dallas, Texas
Dave's Marine
Marblehead, Ohio
We Haul
Palmetto Yacht
South Carolina
San Diego Boat
San Diego, CA
All Boat
Movers, LLC
813-920-8200 Ext. 400
Odessa, FL
Coast to Coast
Cape Canaveral, FL
Murphy Transportation
and Logistics LLC
Comanche, TX

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